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Digital Dictation Services and Products are Calling Your Name. Are You Listening?

When it comes to digital dictation services and products, we’ve seen it all. Technology has changed a lot since 1963, when we started offering dictation equipment services to serve more clients and patients, and yeah—we’re pretty impressed with our latest offerings. You will be, too. We sell the best software and hardware to keep everything safe and sound. If you’re looking to send secure voice files between professionals like attorneys and doctors and their staff, you’re in luck.

Our digital dictation services and products simplify this entire process and save your business valuable time and money—without losing sight of the importance of privacy. There’s a reason some clients have been with us for decades, and it’s because we’re able to keep elevating healthcare and legal organizations with affordable solutions for their digital dictation and transcription needs. Why? Because we know these industries inside and out and are able to step in and provide the behind-the-scenes support they need to drive productivity and serve more customers. Spend less time typing and more time billing hours with help from our fleet of offerings. Whether you only need a little help or want us to manage everything, Graffen’s got you covered.

Sounds Good. Right?

Just Wait Until You Hear About Our Professional Dictation and Voice Services. Graffen can help you:

  • Upgrade your task management and workflow system
  • Reduce payroll costs through speech recognition software
  • Create templated documents like letters, pleadings and briefs
  • Deliver dictation services both on-site and through 100% web-based services

Let’s Talk Products

We’ve been setting records for decades and are now one of the country’s top providers for digital dictation and speech recognition technologies and services.

As a key player in two major vertical markets (healthcare and legal), we are nationally known as a voice and speech productivity integrator. We work with law firms and healthcare providers of all sizes and are ready to set you up with the right products, customize your workflow and train your users.

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Healthcare Industry – Features:

We offer digital voice dictation, speech recognition & documentation productivity technology for the healthcare industry, including: BayScribe, Dragon, 3M, M*Modal Fluency Direct, Olympus, Philips.

Features Include:

Hosted/cloud options for dictation capture, document/records management, electronic signature, automated electronic file distribution and automated batch printing.

Premise & cloud-based client, client server and clientless dictation solutions with PC application, portable digital recorder devices and mobile application voice dictation capture options.

Speech recognition software and hardware technologies with local and hosted physician user profiles for direct EHR encounter form input

Integration with patient encounter/record systems (EMR, EHR and practice management).

Adherence to HL7’s international standards for transferring and sharing data between various healthcare providers. HL7 helps bridge the gap between health IT applications and makes sharing healthcare data easier and more efficient when compared to older methods.

Products and services that cater to small private practices, large surgery centers and entire hospital systems.

Healthcare Products Include:

We offer digital voice dictation, speech recognition & documentation productivity technology for the healthcare industry, including:

Nuance Dragon Medical One

Send your clinical documentation soaring with the lightweight versatility of the cloud. Dragon® Medical One provides clinical speech recognition that can be easily accessed across multiple devices.

Use this speech recognition software to manage files in various healthcare environments. We’ll help you get set up with the right software for all of your medical dictation needs.
Manage wav files and more with transcription software that can be managed from a doctor’s phone or a handheld recorder. Physicians’ voice files are sent to the cloud, where a transcriptionist can log in remotely and start transcribing. We adhere to HL7’s international standards to transfer and share data between various healthcare providers.
Stay in control with elite speech recognition software designed for medical professionals. This software is great for EMR and other healthcare settings.

Legal Industry – Features:

Features Include:

Hosted/cloud options for dictation capture and speech recognition

Premise-based client, client server and hybrid dictation solutions with PC, digital portable recorder and mobile device applications for voice capture

Client and server-side speech recognition software and hardware technologies including mobile applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems

Task workflow creation, delegation, management, tracking and reporting metrics

Easily create and delegate instructions and tasks to support staff through your PC, smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere at any time

Streamline the document creation, formatting, identification and removal of unwanted metadata process

Smartphone integration and hosted workflows available

Digital dictation services philadelphia Pennsylvania

Legal Products Include:

We offer digital voice dictation, speech recognition & documentation productivity technology for the legal industry, including:

Nuance Dragon Legal Anywhere

Empower attorneys to create high-quality documentation and save your firm time and money with Dragon Legal Anywhere, cloud-hosted speech recognition that integrates directly into legal workflow.

Get speech recognition software that facilitates cloud-based dictation, document creation and task management for huge law firms across the globe. Check out BigHand’s Metadata tool, BigHand Go and other products that drive productivity. You can run these on your own server or in the cloud and we’ll support and maintain your software.
See what popular built-in solutions and devices can do for your law firm regardless of size or location. Philips offers a wide range of hardware dictation input tools that can be used with their software and platforms or with most dictation software/applications.
Get digital dictation hardware, mobile apps and forwarding services that integrate with most of today’s software and applications. Olympus carries digital dictation devices that can be used with most software/applications.

Benefits of a Sound Voice, Task & Document Productivity Solution:

Time and efficiency improvement for document creation, delegation of verbal instructions and its subsequent management

Easily create, share, delegate, prioritize and track the status of your voice files in or out of the office

Dictate from anywhere at any time so you can produce documentation or delegate instructions to your support staff more efficiently

Use resources to manage workloads and spend more time on billable work that generates revenue

Streamline document creation workflow processes through automated tracking, management, assigning, editing, approval and reporting

Get the right work to the right staff with transparency, visibility and reportable metrics

Easily create, assign and track tasks to a widely distributed workforce

Invest in your business with technology that is continually being improved to allow your attorneys, paralegals and support staff to handle daily tasks more efficiently

Gain an edge on your competition and increase your client exposure potential

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Get more done in less time and maximize your intellectual capital through a complete solution

What’s that You Say?

Everyone’s Talking about Graffen’s Integrated Business Systems for Dictation.

The Most Experience
With 57 years of experience (1963-2020) in voice dictation and speech recognition productivity technologies and a perennial solid reputation in delivering and supporting the best software and hardware solutions, Graffen is your one-stop source and full-service provider for the legal/judicial and healthcare organizations. Trust your dictation and speech recognition technologies to us and you’ll know you’re in good hands and made the right decision.
Broadest Selection
In order to be able to recommend the best long-term solution for the varying needs of today’s law firms, court systems, hospitals and outpatient clinics/practices you need to be able to offer more than one brand and technology option/philosophy. As a top-tier integrator and partner with the likes of BayScribe, BigHand, Dragon, Fluency Direct, Olympus, Philips and RecordsOne you can be assured that your specific application will be analyzed from a perspective that one size or philosophy doesn’t fit everyone and we educate our clients on what will not only meet today’s needs and also provide you a pathway to growth, expansion and enhancement down the road as your needs may change. We offer both cloud options and premise-based systems to meet the varied preferences of today’s users and organizations.
Tried and Tested Knowledge and Application
Not only are we knowledgeable about the technology that we offer, we also possess practical experience and wisdom and how they work in a legal/judicial and healthcare setting. Understanding how you work is as important as how a certain technology will function for you in your environment. You’ll gain access to a tool that allows the user to optimize both productivity and efficiency.
Unmatched Service
The depth, training and experience of our personnel is virtually unmatched. While some organizations provide technology offerings very few can offer our level of experience, service and support for their offerings. With our knowledgeable and amply staffed helpdesk and field service personnel, we provide all facets of support for our customers from design to implementation, training, remote and on-site professional maintenance and support services.

Want to know more about our dictation and speech recognition technologies?

We would like to acknowledge Graffen Business Services as they helped us be ahead of the curve during the COVID19 pandemic.  They were one of our first responders who went over and above to enable us to support our people working remotely.  You are appreciated!
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