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Why Our Voice Dictation Services?

Graffen got into the game to help busy professionals get more done in less time, and as an industry leader, we’ve been delivering the nation’s best voice dictation technologies and services for decades now. Our mission is to help you drive and improve personnel productivity through the most flexible means possible which has fostered our success in becoming the large MSP you know us as today. This doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots-and the truth is that managed dictation technology IT services are making a big comeback in this digital age of work from anywhere at any time.

To keep up, you’ll need dynamic voice dictation technology and services that move as fast as you do. You don’t have time for technical difficulties/challenges and can’t afford to even lose one second of your recordings and time. Your critical audio files need to be transmitted securely to their intended destination in a timely fashion. In addition we offer a variety of secure premise and cloud based options to ensure you always have access to your communications when and where you need it most.

Our experts know how to craft efficient work-from-anywhere strategies.

Benefits of Working with Graffen:

  • We’re an industry leader in the dictation/voice productivity industry
  • Our specialists have decades of experience supporting legal and healthcare practices of all sizes
  • We’re the most well-rounded dictation integrator in the game
  • We offer local customized installation, with packages and solutions that support your users
  • Our experts know how to craft efficient work-from-home strategies
  • You can trust us to secure workflows and safeguard personal data
  • We’ve been evolving our business technology solutions over 50 years

Dictation Services for the Healthcare and Legal Industries

We’re ready to deliver industry-specific business dictation services that move your organization forward.

Why Dictation in Healthcare

Front-end and back-end speech recognition options

Faster encounter processing = seeing more patients

Improves cash flow and encounter coding

Promotes higher accuracy for expedited claims reimbursement

IT services in Pottstown, PA

Integrated to work with your smartphone, headset or USB microphone

IT services in Doylestown, PA

Dictate into your EHR-EMR-Practice Management systems from anywhere in the world

IT Support in Wayne, PA

Dictate precise diagnosis & treatment plans in your chosen words, rather than generic, canned or vague text

Managed IT Services in Philadelphia, PA

Ensure and optimize high-quality patient care

IT Support in Philadelphia, PA

Enhanced healthcare compliant security

IT Services in Reading, PA

High availability and reliability

Why Dictation in Legal?

Increased productivity and billing

Work from anywhere in real time

Better transparency and visibility

Easily send task instructions to staff members with tracking

IT services in Pottstown, PA

Greater data security

IT services in Doylestown, PA

Flexible workflow and work sharing capability

IT Support in Wayne, PA

Optimized author-to-legal assistant ratios

Managed IT Services in Philadelphia, PA

Server-side or client-side voice recognition software

IT Support in Philadelphia, PA


Want World-Class Dictation and Voice Services?

We Hear You Loud and Clear.

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High-quality recordings

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Remote and hosted dictation software

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Safe file sharing

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Increased productivity

Coffee Bean

Dictation workflow

voice dictation services Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Dragon® Anywhere

Combines the most powerful speech recognition software with the simplicity, scalability, and reliability of the cloud.

Since installing BigHand Digital Dictation systems and workflow, “the impact on document turnaround times has been dramatic. The way the system creates distinct, separate dictations and makes them available across the firm means that secretaries can transcribe more efficiently and share the workload easily, so we’ve gained almost a business week in productivity. Overtime costs have gone down, too. We saved $3,500 per five attorneys in Akron – so when you roll that out across the firm it does add up. Another cost reduction came in tape management. The firm was also spending $18,000 per year just sending tapes from office to office, a cost we have been able to completely eliminate since rolling out BigHand. Travel time has also been reduced.

We would like to acknowledge Graffen Business Services as they helped us be ahead of the curve during the COVID19 pandemic. They were one of our first responders who went over and above to enable us to support our people working remotely. You are appreciated!


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Dictation & Voice

Try our proven dictation solutions for legal and healthcare providers.

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