What is it About Graffen Business Systems IT Support for Philly?

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How We Roll

You’ve likely heard about Graffen Business Systems before. Back in 1963, Bill Graffen started his company by selling dictation equipment, typewriters and electric shavers out of the back of his car. Yes, shavers. Just over a decade later, a young Dave Grimes joined the small business and helped drive growth throughout the legal and healthcare industries. Over the years our business evolved with technology. Analog dictation turned into digital dictation and things suddenly changed – we started hiring geeks to help drive our business.

As Dave took the helm, he created a customer-centric culture, which meant “do everything possible to ensure the customer is operating.” This could mean delivering a loaner dictation unit, driving across the region to drop off a repaired shaver, or staying at a customer’s office well after closing to ensure an attorney’s typewriter was working correctly. Today, Graffen still drives the same culture with some of the same staff members that were around 30 years ago. Software and cutting-edge strategies may enhance the effort; however, our core values are unchanged. Whether it’s your computer network, copiers and printers, dictation or voice technologies – we hope for a shot at your business. Once you know more about Graffen Business Systems, you’ll understand why clients invest in state-of-the-art IT solutions and IT support drive business growth and access elevated business consultations. From our family to yours, thanks for visiting our site. No Bull.

We’re on a Mission

At Graffen, the secret sauce of our IT support services is experience mixed with superior communication. We have a team of professionals who live and breathe technology, and we stay on top of the latest trends and solutions so our customers don’t have to. Technology was created to make things quicker and easier, not the other way around. We’ve seen all the ways IT support services can help and hinder businesses of all sizes, so we balance the pros and cons of every project.

Effective communication is key to a successful outcome. We take that philosophy to heart when it comes to providing the best IT support services possible for our customers. We follow up to ensure we know exactly what’s needed and the best way to accomplish it. Whenever we run into something we don’t know, we — imagine this — ask questions and we keep asking questions until we’ve got the right answers. That could mean asking our vendors about a glitch, or it could mean asking our customers exactly what they need a new app to do. Either way, we keep communicating until the issue is resolved.

Green Graffen

Reduce Your Footprint

Over the past several years, we’ve transitioned to multiple environmentally friendly efforts. We take pride in our “Green Graffen” programs and can help your business reduce its environmental footprint as well, including: 

IT support philadelphia

Copier & printer consumable recycling – for all manufacturers

IT support philadelphia

Our office equipment emits less carbon dioxide and is more energy efficient than most manufacturers

IT support philadelphia

Paperless process automation

IT support philadelphia

Server consolidation and virtualization creating energy efficiency

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